"I started working at Grupel 28 years ago, my first job was Mechanical Sawer, at the moment I am the Head of Production of the company Grupel.
Working in the company since 1984, I take immense pride when I see the sustained growth of the company that over the years has cemented its position and broadened its horizons.
I note the constant motivation of this team to face new professional challenges.
This is a big company that knows how to work, that demonstrates its values and shows where it wants to be. That's why it is a good group to work with."

Carlos Dias
Manager for Production
Grupel, SA

"I have been working at the Omnisantos Group since 2010, and in only 2 years I have seen that the growth of this company is a well-known fact, and this fact is mainly due to the dedication of the employees of all the companies and consequently to the quality of the services and products that are supplied to the client.
It is a group where professional growth is a reality, where challenges come daily and where work is based on a foundation of continuous improvement, so I believe in the ability of all the companies to maintain this course of growth and to meet the challenges that will arise."

Maro Cabao
Inventories & Production Controller
Omnisantos, SGPS, SA

"Ive been working at the Group for approximately 8 years; my first position was the receptionist at the company Omnimetal. Currently, I am part of the staff of Omnisantos, in charge of the Treasury of six companies. Since then I have followed the evolution of the Group, which has only been possible because of the performance and dedication of the entire team. My seniority and continuity with this Group is due to values such as determination, dedication and motivation, which are also some of the values of the Group. Apart from the friendship between the co-workers, it is the proximity, helpfulness and simplicity of the Administration that I especially appreciate in this Group, as a clear value added."

"Success is the sum of small efforts!"

Sofia Pinheiro
Omnisantos, SGPS, SA

"Employee of Omnimetal in one of the companies of the Group for about 9 years, after having passed through various departments, I'm currently at the Electrical Department with the task of warehouse manager; I feel gratified by the confidence that the managers and directors have in me and especially honoured to be part of a group that in the last decade has focused continuously on its expansion (national / international) with a strong focus on technological innovation and on the quality of the services it provides, making it a reference in the market in which it operates.
In troubled times like the ones we currently live in, I am particularly motivated and happy to be part of this big family, and express all my appreciation to the management of the Group for the contribution it has given on all levels in favour of all of us.
For all that has been given to me over those years my sincere thanks."

Isabel Padeiro
In charge of the warehouse
Omnimetal, SA

"About 7 years ago, I started with my work at Grupel SA, as part of that great group. Working in a company that in recent years has grown to the level it is today will always be a source of pride, and much more so when we are part of the team that was and remains the growth engine of the company.
The various attractive challenges provided by the company over the years have contributed to and enriched my personal and professional development. Being involved in every project with passion, will and determination by using my mind and heart.
I am therefore very proud and confident because I am part of this group that, despite the severe financial crisis that shook Portugal and the rest of Europe, continues to grow and meet its obligations, due to intelligent management and good performance of their employees.
I wish the best of luck to our whole group and am certain that the Omnisantos group will overcome all difficulties inherent to the current economic climate and continue its path, with great success."

Elsa Almeida
Commercial Assistant
GMC, Lda

"I started to work at the company as trainee, now I hold the position of Manager for the Purchase and Planning Department. Working in this Group allows me to grow and explore areas that complement the area of my education.
It is very good to work for a company that is in clear expansion, where I have had opportunities to show my work and I see that I have grown professionally.
In this group, every day I feel part of this project full of dynamism and challenges.
I would like to emphasize the union of a strong, cohesive and determined team. A winning team in which triumphs are attributed to the Group.

Carla Cardoso
Manager for Purchase and Planning
Grupel, SA