The Omnisantos Group began operations in 1998 as a small manufacturing facility making and selling switchboards with just two employees; today it has become the largest producer of power generators producing simultaneously in the Iberian Peninsula, with factories in Portugal and Spain.

The mission of the Omnisantos Group is to operate in the energy area on a global level, aiming at the creation of economic and social value, innovation, competitiveness and long-term sustainability.

The future and success of the organization is based on its strategic engagement in foreign markets, which has been defined since 2008, and the Groups global nature, operating around the world on both commercial and productive levels, so our borders go far beyond Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries. We want to have an important position in this global village in which we live, operating and meeting the needs of customers in various markets.

We believe that the business success we have had and that we want to maintain is related to the high value of our business portfolio, our strategic options of controlled risk, sustainable growth; and superior efficiency; and a strong culture based on values such as integrity, ethics, determination, dedication, team spirit, excellence and the trust of our stakeholders together with innovation and strong leadership.

I hope that we continue the process of strong growth we have achieved in recent years, with the support of and in partnership with all stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, financial institutions, auditors and other institutions, in order to continue to move steadily towards success, maintaining a level of sustained growth, creating value and strong financial solidity.

I would like to thank in particular the one who initiated this project, my father, Jos Lopes dos Santos, who has always instilled in me the values on which our current values are grounded, which guide the actions and culture of the Omnisantos Group.

Marco Santos