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Omnisantos is a Portuguese Group with an international presence that engages in three business areas:

Our main activity is the production and marketing of power generators with power from 8 to 3,500 kVA, of the brands Grupel and Marco Energy Systems for the production of electricity - Energy Business. The Omnisantos Group, through the Grupel company, Grupos Electrogneos, SA, has much know-how and extensive experience, manufacturing such equipment since 1976.

In the Electricity business area we produce and market a wide and diverse range of low-voltage switchboxes, automation boxes, load transfer boards and sync boxes.

In the metalworking business we specialize in the manufacturing of canopies and chassis for power generators, metal panels and boxes for the telecommunications and gas sector.

The value we offer the customer is based on a high-quality, reliable, custom-made product at a very competitive price.


Omnisantos is present in Portugal and Spain and exports mainly to Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Morocco, Mozambique), the European Union (Spain, France and Holland) and Latin America (Paraguay, Ecuador and Chile)


Facts and Figures

Source: Report and Accounts 2011



The Group has two factories, one in the Aveiro area for manufacturing power generators and a second factory in Bucelas for metalworking and manufacturing switchboxes. On a technological level, the two factories are equipped with highly advanced, modern and efficient machinery.



 SME Leader

Omnimetal - Indstria Electrnica e Metalomecnica, SA and the company Grupel Grupos Electrogneos, SA, both have had the status of Leading SMEs since 2009 and since then have annually renewed that status because of the demonstrated high financial performance, value creation, sustainability and financial solidity of the companies.


 Quality Management System

Omnimetal has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with the ISO NP EN 9001:2008 standard of the Portuguese Institute for Quality, and Grupel is currently undergoing the certification process.

The NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard is based on eight quality management principles that guide the management of the Group companies:

  • Focus on the Customer
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of People
  • Process-based Approach
  • Approach to Management by Means of a System (QMS)
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Fact-based Decision-making Approach
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Suppliers