Ano de 1976

  • Founding of the company Grupel, Grupos Electrogneos, Lda. by Mr. Jos Reis da Conceio de Oliveira Melo and his wife Maria da Ftima Gregrio Melo

Ano de 1980

  • Grupel acquires its current manufacturing facilities

Ano de 1990

  • Modernization of the manufacturing facilities of Grupel and installation of the test laboratory

Ano de 1994

  • Grupel acquires construction permits and permits for the maintenance of equipment for public and private construction works

Ano de 1998

  • Founding of the company Omnimetal - Indstria Electrnica e Metalomecnica, Lda.
  • Omnimetal was founded with 2 employees
  • Business areas of Omnimetal: Electricity

Ano de 2003

  • Founding of the company Worldrep - Importao e exportao de metais, Unipessoal, Lda.

Ano de 2004

  • Hiring of a Director for the business unit Electricity and another one for the business unit Distribution of civil construction products and hiring of new employees for the two divisions
  • Hiring of two new employees at Omnimetal for the administrative and financial area
  • Exceptional growth in turnover of the Electricity and Distribution of civil construction products segments

Ano de 2005

  • Omnimetal implements a Quality Management System certified by the Portuguese Institute for Quality, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard

Ano de 2008

  • Omnimetal acquires very technologically advanced machinery, including a welding robot, a robotized press brake and an automated sheet metal punching machine
  • Acquisition of financial interest of 90% in the companies Grupel and GMC by Omnimetal in April 2008
  • Implementations of Navision ERP at Omnimetal and Worldrep in such a way that all companies of the Group henceforth work on the same computer platform
  • Profound restructuring of all areas of Grupel and GMC, and implementation of a spending reduction program in both companies and factory efficiency at Grupel

Ano de 2009

  • The status of Leading SME is awarded to Grupel and Omnimetal Leader in partnership with BES
  • From this point, the financial services of the Group are managed on a share central services-basis
  • Profound change in the policies and procedures of the Administrative and Financial Divisions

Ano de 2010

  • Definition of the three strategic pillars for the Group - controlled risk, greater efficiency and sustained growth
  • Sustained growth strategy based on external markets (Africa, Europe and Latin America)
  • All companies of the Group are now audited and have a Single Auditor - Floriano Tocha, Paulo Chaves & Associado Sociedade Revisores Oficiais de Contas (Company of Associate Chartered Accountants)
  • Founding of Omnisantos, SGPS, S.A., which is the current parent company of the Group
  • Increase of the sales team for the foreign market at Grupel and reinforcement of the team for the business unit rental and technical assistance for power generators
  • Grupel produces, for the first time, a plant for power generators from 6900 kVA to 15000 Volts, never manufactured in Portugal before
  • Acquisition of the surface painting and cleaning line for the metalworking factory

Ano de 2011

  • Corporate restructuring of the Group, the company Omnisantos, SGPS, SA begins to hold all of the financial interest of the Group
  • Transformation of the company Grupel and Omnimetal into joint-stock corporations
  • Foreign market represents 58.15% of the turnover of the Group (2010: 46.2%)
  • Increase of the share capital of Omnimetal from 249,399 to 650,000 and of Grupel from 98,800 to 1,080,000