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The mission of the Group is to operate on the field of energy on a global scale, aiming at the creation of economical and social value, innovation, competitiveness and long-term sustainability.

It is the Groups vision that we should be leaders or have positions of high relevance in the business areas on which we operate, aiming at high customer satisfaction and remuneration of the capital invested in an adequate and sustainable way.

In order to achieve that, the highest level of professionalism will be necessary on the part of the employees in compliance with and respect for the values of the organization and of this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Omnisantos Group is and wishes to continue to be recognized as an organization of integrity and excellence that we all are proud of, basing our reputation and the trust of all stakeholders, on the values that we adopt in the daily course of our activity.

With the publication and dissemination of our Code of Ethics and Conduct we clearly and succinctly express what our values are, what we are and what we expect from all employees and our organization towards all stakeholders.

The adoption of the values and principles expressed in the Code of Conduct and Ethics is not optional and it should be followed without exception among us, in order to choose, at every moment, the correct options and ethics.

I trust that all employees will endorse and comply with this Code of Ethics and Conduct in order to make the link to their principles, to how we operate and develop our professional activity.

Engineer Marco Santos


 Code of Ethics and Conduct.pdf [207Kb]