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GRUPEL, Grupos Electrogneos, S.A.


Grupel engages in the manufacturing, sale and rental of power generators for the production of electricity and provides technical assistance 24 hours a day. It is a Portuguese company, mainly exporting to markets in Africa, the European Union and Latin America. The turnover in 2011 of the foreign market already represents 70.3% (2010: 56.7%).

It was founded on January 7, 1976. In 1980, it acquired its current manufacturing facilities. Later, in 1990, it set up its test laboratory, the only one in the country, and in 1994 it acquired construction and maintenance permits for equipment intended for public and private constructions.

Grupel has been a Leading SME since 2009 and is in the process of implementing a Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard of the Portuguese Institute for Quality.


Visit our website at www.grupel.pt